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    Average Power Output & Group Velocity

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    (b) A tidal basin in Canada has an area of 240 km^2 with a mean tidal range of 12.4 m. Estimate the average power output assuming that the tidal period is 12.5 hours explaining your calculation.

    (c) An ocean wave, with amplitude a = 1m and wavelength...(Please see the attached file for the complete question.)

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    (b) Area of the basin, A= 240km^2 == 2.4*10^8 m^2
    mean tidal range, h = 12.4 m
    avaerage tidal period, t = 12.5 hr == 12.5*3600 s
    Density of water, d = 1*10^3 kg/m^3
    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    Potential energy due to, tidal:
    U = m*g*h/2
    = (d*A*h)*g*h/2
    = ...

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    In first problem, average power which can be produced by using tidal basin water. In second problem group velocity of a given wave is estimated.