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    PV Arrays on Buildings

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    I have read that there is some debate about the value of installing PV arrays on the facades of large buildings in locations such as central England. What are the arguments for and against government support for such developments.

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    The arguments for government support for such developments are that PV panels give clean and green energy. The energy is free and abundant. The government should support efforts that help create smart energy networks. Further, with government support the cost of solar panels will decline more. The PV panels produce electricity in a direct manner. From the perspective of the government all federal agencies must report greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, conserve resources, and prevent pollution. Supporting the installation of Photovoltaic panels is an excellent way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources, and preventing pollution. Further, the maintenance costs for Photovoltaic panels are considered low when compared with other energy systems. Other reasons why the ...

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    This solution explains the arguments for and against government support for PV arrays on buildings. The sources used are also included in the solution.