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    Gujarat and Maharashtra Statistics

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    Compare and contrast the India States of Gujarat and Maharashtra to include: socio-economic data (population, education, poverty, trade, agriculture, urbanization), infrastructure, development policies, etc. What is the primary economic focus of these states? How do population densities compare? Are both of these states agriculturally self-sufficient? How educated is the labor force?

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    Gujarat Information:
    Population: 62.7 million. Population density is 308 people per square km.
    Education: 782,000 students enrolled in postsecondary education. The literacy rate is 79.3%
    Poverty: 27.5% of the population is under the poverty line
    Trade: 70% in the gems and jewellery sector, 30% in pharmaceuticals, 20% in textiles, 12% in ...

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    This solution compares Gujarat and Maharashtra with regards to a variety of factors including trade, the economy, agriculture, and population.