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Economic Impact of Hinduism on Modern Indian Society

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What is the economic impact of Hinduism on modern Indian society?

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1. What is the economic impact of Hinduism on modern Indian society?

The economic impact of Hinduism on modern Indian society comes from the political impact of one of India's most important political party Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), which is a Hindi nationalist party.

Initially, after independence in 1947 the impact of Hinduism on the political life of a country in which more than 80% of the people are adherents was moderated by the long-term rule of the Congress party (see Indian National Congress, which has striven to maintain a secular democracy. Thus, at that time, Hinduism has little impact, economically or otherwise. Tensions between Hindus and Muslims have long been a fact of life in India, as evidenced in the creation of Pakistan, the conflict over Kashmir, and the subsequent wars between India and Pakistan. There have also been tensions with the Sikh minority, some of whom have sought independence for the Punjab, leading to violence in the 1980s (see Sikhism).

However, since the late 1980s there has been ...

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