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The complicated nature of environmental / resource issues

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Why are finding solutions to environmental problems so complicated.

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This is a sticky beast indeed. There are several aspects to evaluate.

One is that natural resources in major part are part and parcel of the environment. Therefore, meeting human needs is generally viewed as paramount. So to save the environment in order to ensure a usable resource base is termed a utilitarian perspective (often intermixed with the term "anthropocentric" - meaning human centered). As point in fact the very roots of the Conservation movement in the late 1800's (under Pres. Theodore Roosevelt) were designed around this very model. However, alongside arose Preservation - such as the likes of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club - who at times debated environmental concerns with ...

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Examines the basic premise of the interlinkages of environmental issues, to human needs, politics, and philosophic perspectives. includes HTML version with live hyperlink references

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