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    Thermohaline, Cyclical Progression and their Effects

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    Having studied thermohaline and the cyclical progression of our earth's history; how can this possibly affect the world in the near future?

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    Water circulated over the globe in a predictable pattern and changes in the great ocean conveyer belt (the thermohaline circulation) can affect worldwide climate. Ocean currents transport warm water to cooler areas and vice versa. By shutting down this circulation, there is cause to believe that extreme weather will become more prevalent. The ocean plays a critical role as a heat sink, absorbing, storing, and slowly releasing large amounts of heat. This allows the ocean to buffer the climate and weather of nearby land and the entire planet.

    The thermohaline circulation currently warms countries from Great Britain to Norway, ...

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    This solution explains the consequences of altering the thermohaline circulation in the Atlantic, which brings warm water north into waters near Britain and Norway and deposits cold water along the East-coast of Canada and the U.S.