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    Tectonic plate movements and atmospheric circulation

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    Considering the theory of plate tectonics and the movement of landmasses over geologic time, would you expect atmospheric circulation of the past to be the same as we see today? Why or why not? Consider the factors that determine global wind patterns and whether they have changed over time.

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    No, atmospheric circulation has changed dramatically over geologic time. The locations of the land masses have significant effects on global wind patterns, by controlling ocean circulation patterns. Currents in the deep ocean exist because of changes in the density of sea water occurring at the surface. These density changes give rise to specific water masses, which have well-defined temperature and salinity characteristics, and which can be traced for long distances in the ocean. Today, the large-scale thermohaline circulation of the ocean is driven by the sinking of cold water in the far ...

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    How the movements of landmasses affect atmospheric circulation