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Internet Time Line

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Review the Hobbes Internet Time Line found at http://www.zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline. Which do you think are the two most significant events on the time line and why? (500 - 750 words with references)

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After reviewing the timeline at http://www.zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline, I feel that the two events that are most significant are in 1980 when ARPANET grinds to a complete halt on October 27th because of an accidentally-propogated status-message virus. (Zakon, 2011) Also, in 2007 when Google's crawler reaches 1 trillion pages, although only a fraction are indexed by the search engine.

ARPANET, also known as the first internet, began in 1969. It was designed as a computer version of the nuclear bomb shelter (Bellis, 2011) and was the basis for future Internet works and designs. Many people do not realize that the Internet has been around in some format for many years. Most people see the internet as something that is a new way of doing business, collaborating, ...

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The expert determines what is the two most significant events on the time line.

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