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    Visual Basic.NET application to manage personal assets

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    Fields in tblAssets (These are in the database table and should be displayed on the screen.)
    fldAssetID, long integer, primary key
    fldAssetName, string
    fldDescription, string
    fldDateAcquired, datetime
    fldCost, single
    Perform the appropriate steps to create a connection to the sample database. Be sure to select the option to copy the database to your project so it will be automatically included in the project.
    Perform the appropriate steps to display the detail view of the fields on your form. Be sure to include a functional BindingNavigator on your form.
    Do not allow the user to resize the form.
    Format the Cost field as currency.
    Add menu items for navigation (e.g., First Record, Previous Record, Next Record, and Last Record).

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