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    Create a Visual Basic.NET application to manage personal assets

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    A screen shot of the desired UI is shown in the attachment. You are responsible for meeting the listed requirements. Please refer to the following information for the complete requirements.

    ? Fields in tblAssets (These are in the database table and should be displayed on the screen.)
    o fldAssetID, long integer, primary key
    o fldAssetName, string
    o fldDescription, string
    o fldDateAcquired, datetime
    o fldCost, single
    ? Perform the appropriate steps to create a connection to the sample database. Be sure to select the option to copy the database to your project so it will be automatically included in the project.
    ? Perform the appropriate steps to display the detail view of the fields on your form. Be sure to include a functional BindingNavigator on your form.
    ? Do not allow the user to resize the form.
    ? Format the Cost field as currency.
    ? Add a standard pull-down menu to the program with the following structure:
    o File (Save, Exit)
    o Navigate (First Record, Previous Record, Next Record, Last Record)
    Additional Notes
    ? Name the project and set the title of your form (the Text property of the main form) to ITP400_IP2_Scott_Miller.
    ? Make sure you fulfill all the requirements.
    ? Be sure to include good comments in the code.
    ? Name your objects, variables, functions, and others with appropriate and consistent names.
    ? Your form(s) should be designed attractively and consistently.
    ? Zip all your project files together and submit the assignment.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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