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VB.NET program calculating payments for several employees

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Develop a GUI program that will determine the pay for several employees.
The company pays "straight-time" for the first 40 hours worked by each employee
The company pays "time-and-a-half" for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours.

1. For each employee, create a label for each employee name.
2. For each employee, create a textbox for their hourly rate and preload the data onto the form.
3. For each employee, create a empty textbox for each employee"s hours worked per week.
4. Create a "Calculate" button to perform the pay calculations for all of the employees.
5. Output the weekly pay information for each employee onto a label.
6. Create a "Clear" button that clears all of the "hours worked" textboxes.
7. Create a "Exit" button that exits the program.
8. Ensure that you provide error checking so that users can only enter correct input.
9. Ensure to provide instruction to the user of how to use the program. Create a menu bar item which contains a "help" function.
10. Set tab order so users can enter hours into the textboxes top to bottom and then to the calculate button.

List of employees and rates:
Sean Connery $75/hour
George Lazenby $52/hour
Roger Moore $80/hour
Timothy Dalton $60/hour
Pierce Brosnan $85/hour
Daniel Craig $94/hour

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Solution Summary

A VB.NET GUI program that will calculate payments for several employees. A complete VB.NET project is provided with an executable that can be run to see the program in action. The UI is neat and code has comments.

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Please find attached the zipped VB project. It contains an executable in the binRelease subfolder. ...

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