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    VB.NET employees at James Bond Movies

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    Create a VB GUI program that tracks your employees and their previous work history. List your employees names in a drop down combo box. When the user selects a employee, display in a text area all of their previous work performed under code name James Bond. In a single text area, output the following data in this order:

    Name of Mission
    Adjusted total box office

    Program will be supplied data via a text file.

    1. Ensure that when a employee is selected, any text area is cleared and the new employee data is displayed.
    2. Create a clear button that clears all of the text in the text area, clears the summary area and resets the combo box.
    3. Create an exit button.
    4. Provide instructions to the user on how to use the program. Create a menu bar item which contains a help function.
    5. Use a single text area for the display.
    6. Create a summary area on the GUI that allows for quick reference.
    7. In the summary area, create a check box for each employee so that a user can select any number of employees.
    8. When an employee is selected, display the adjusted box office average of all missions the employee participated in, on a new label.
    9. When two or more employees are selected, display above information for the most profitable employee along with his/her name.
    10. To average the adjusted box office, average the total box office against the number of movies the employee worked in.

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