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MiniCalc application

The MiniCalc application was designed to perform basic math calculations: +, -, *, /. However, in its present form, this application needs some improvements.

2. Test the program with 99999 + 99999. This should raise a 'System.OverflowException' exception.

3. Modify the code to catch and handle the exception so that the user can continue. KEEP the declarations of FirstNum and SecondNum as short.
5. Try the test (99 * 999). You should get a 'System.OverflowException' exception. Fix the problem to handle the exception.

4.create a user-friendly interface to guide the user after the exceptions are handled.

The interface is bothering me alot in Visual Basic. I had great ideas and now the programming is really getting me confused. I just need the slight modifications above to the attached MiniCalc program. Thanks

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