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Design Program in VB.NET that Valadates Phone Number entry

Design and develop a program that validates the value a user enters into a TextBox control to ensure that the entry is a valid telephone number. The application should accept a maximum of 12 characters. When the user clicks a button, the program should determine if the entry is of the form 999-999-9999, where the character 9 represents any number.

If the entry is determined to be a telephone number, display an appropriate message, along with the separate substrings that compose the telephone number without the dashes. If the entry is not a telephone number, then display a message as to the reason why the entry is not a valid telephone number, clear the TextBox control and set focus to the TextBox control. Use String class methods to solve the problem.

I have completed a version of my own. I want to compare code to the response to see if I am correct with my version. and for use in one of my own programs for website information gathering.