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    Design an online class registration application

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    In this assignment, you will design an online class registration application. There will be two types of users: students and administrators.

    A database will store the student's login name, class list, and number of registered credits. Furthermore, the database will store the administrator's login information and the classes listed in the online catalog. Add error handling to the application when appropriate.

    Students will have the following capabilities:

    1. Create an online account. The registration form should require the student to create a password.

    2. Log on to the application with a login form. If users attempt to view the secure pages without successfully logging onto the application, they are taken directly to the login page.

    3. View a form that lists all the departments in the school in alphabetical order.

    4. Select a department and view all courses in that area. Each listing should include a one-line description of the course, the number of credits, the number of openings, and the total number of students allowed in the course. If a course is open, the student should be able to add the class by pressing a button unless they are already registered for 16 credits.

    5. View all their classes. They should have the option of viewing their classes in alphabetical or sorted by department.

    6. Remove a course from their schedule.

    7. Delete their account if they are not registered for any classes.

    Administrators will have the following capabilities:

    1. Log on to the application.

    2. Add departments to the database.

    3. Add classes to the database. The administrator must state the department name when adding a new class. They can only use departments already in the database.

    4. Delete a class if there are no register users.

    5. Delete a department if there are no classes in that area.

    6. View a list of all registered students, sorted by last name. The list should display the number of registered classes for each student.

    7. Delete a student's account if they are not registered for a class.

    Furthermore, create a Master Page that will be used for the forms viewed by the students. Create another Master Page that will be used for the forms viewed by the administrators.

    This is a Visual Basic.NET Project with a solution, forms and a database.

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