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    Process Identification and Analysis: Pilot process improvement team

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    Your Learning Team represents a group of employees or managers in a hospital and has been selected to run a pilot process improvement team. The team has selected to improve the patient registration process in the hospital.

    Include the following items in paper.
    a. A description of the process targeted for improvement
    b. An As-Is flow chart of the process to be analyzed
    c. An analysis of the process variability based upon your understanding of the process and any data collected

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    Process Identification and Analysis
    This documented is targeted for improvement of a project named patient registration process. This module will be implemented for a hospital. The first step of designing or improving a system is to know what the current system is and how it works. Then the new system is designed. So we first discuss the existing patient registration process.
    Patient Registration process: -
    • Patient comes into the hospital.
    • Fills in the form for meeting a doctor.
    • Appointment is given to the patient.
    • The patient meets the doctor and tells the doctor about his problem.
    • The doctor gives prescription to the patient.
    • The patient may or may not be admitted to the hospital.
    • The treatment continues and exchange of patient's problem and doctor's prescription takes ...

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    Pilot process improvement for process identification and analysis is given.