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Process Identification and Analysis

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Our organization is Kutler Fine Foods (see attached)
Your Learning Team represents a group of employees or managers in the organization and has been selected to run a pilot process improvement team. Include the following items in point form (Bullet points only).
a. A description of the process targeted for improvement
b. An As-Is-Flow chart of the process to be analyzed
c. A description of why analyzing a process can be useful in improving quality
d. Quality tools that you would recommend using to collect and present data from this type of process
e. An analysis of the process variability based upon your understanding of the process and and data collected.
f. Conclude your presentation by providing recommendations for process improvement strategies for your selected process. Be sure to include a discussion of how your quality improvement strategy is linked in the strategic goals of the organization.

Our targeted process for improvement is to move toward very low inventory to reduce our operating cost and to have a fresh product.

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1. There is excess inventory at Kudler Fine Foods leading to an excess cost.
2. The stock is tied up at shelf levels as well as warehouse level.
3. The current policy is that inventory should be carried to such a level that stock outs should not take place more than 2 or 3 times a year.
4. In the current situation every item is in stock for at least 95% of the time and during 5% of the time the items may not be in stock.
Please see the attachment;
1. Analyzing the current process is important to understand how the current reorder level is determined.
2. Analyzing the current process is important to understand how Kudler Fine Foods forecasts its demand for the products.
3. Analyzing the current process is important to understand how the signal that the stock level has fallen ...

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This solution talks about process identification and analysis. It also gives an as-is flow chart of the process.

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