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Average Test Score

Design and write a program that computes an average score for a class's scores on a test in VB. The application will have 2 forms. The first will include a 2 column list and two buttons. The application should allow a user to enter scores until a blank student name is entered.

On the first form use a list view control along with 2 button controls. On the second form use a textbook control, a numeric up and down control and a button control.

Set the view property value of the listview control to details and the multiselect property to true.

Write an event procedure for the listview controls keydown event to tell the application to delete all selected records when the user presses the D key.

Write an event procedure for one of the buttons that computes the average of all scores in the listview control. The result should be displayed in a message box along with the number of scores included in the calculation. Use a For....Next loop to loop through each item in the listview control. Separate the output values in the massage box with at least one linefeed.

Write a listviewcontrol event procedure to allow the user to edit the item that is first selected. If the user presses the E key while an item is selected, the data entry form should display, with the items contents populating the input controls in the data entry form. When the user presses the OK button, the items contents should update in the ListView control.

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