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Grade Calculation of Test Score

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Declare TestScore as integer
Write "Enter your Test Score and Your Grade will be Displayed"
INPUT Test Score
If TestScore>90
Write "Your Grade is an A"
Else IF TestScore>80
Write "Your Grade is an B"
Else IF TestScore>70
Write "Your Grade is an C"
Else IF TestScore>60
Write "Your Grade is an D"
Write "Your Grade is an F"
End IF

1. List variables: Declare TestScore as an integer
2. List prompts: INPUT Test Score
3. Show what PC monitor will display when values 86, 55, and 100 are used.
"Your Grade is an B" - for 86
"Your Grade is an F"-for 55
"Your Grade is an A"-100
4. Write a new program in pseudo-code, it should input and calculate the average of 5 test scores, then numbers entered.
Declare NUM1, NUM2, NUM3, NUM4, and NUM5
Declare average as real
Write "5 positive numbers"
Input NUM1, NUM2, NUM3, NUM4, NUM5
Average="The Average of 5 Numbers entered is", Average

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Shows a pseudo-code for Test Score Grade calculation

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Very Good!
You have made a fair attempt at the problem. I must say you have got a good understanding of the problem. I have just made cosmetic changes to your solutions. Note in 5 you have to calculate the average of the 5 numbers by adding them up and dividing by 5.
Hope that helps. If you ...

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