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Excel Data Processing

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Someone please help!

The class president has given me a MS Word document that contains a list of everyone who has been invited to the high school reunion. I will enter this data into a pre-made Excel workbook. This Excel workbook does not contain all the information, so I will enter and format a substantial amount of the data.

The Guest Information document.
Page 1 (this data has already been added to your Excel spreadsheet)

Last Name First Names Street Address City ST Zip
Brushing Jim and Sue 7445 Pine Tree Drive Dunwoody GA 30338
Mills Jeff, Jamie, Riley, and Kim 546 City Way McDonough GA 30253
Kaye Bob and Sally 98 Pool Drive Loudon TN 37774
Matthews Jeff 42 Pool Drive Loudon TN 37774
Martin Chris and Gerald 58 Dudley Street Loudon TN 37774
Saledo Guy and Patricia 5 Pine Drive Alpharetta GA 30201
Cannon Mary 3 Johnson Ct. Atlanta GA 30328
Fugate Chistopher 230 Arapahoe Rd Savannah GA 31419
Nichols Charlie and Cathy 707 Lanky Road Nashville TN 37209
Shetley Will and Sheri 770 Sire Drive Myakka City FL 34251
Adams Chris, Joan and Courtney 35 Field Way Cumming GA 30040
Smith David 31042 Beth Cir. Duluth GA 30096
Johnson James 38 Meridian NW Washington DC 20010
Brewster Randy, Minette, Liz and Jon 3 Island Drive Savannah GA 31406
Black Conrad and Glenda 51 Meadow Lane Billings MT 59102
Shea Ty and Carol PO Box 2 Cherry Log GA 30522
Deery Aunt Lois 789 Rue Mandeville LA 70471
Denbow Fred and Anne 5485 Port Drive Greenville SC 29607
Hansen David and Elaine 589 Creek Drive Fogelsville PA 18051
Andrews Morris and Anne 432 Tree Road Dunwoody GA 30338
Staley Roy 156 Peach Road Dunwoody GA 30338
Stebbens Bubba and Jane 5198 Club Drive Marietta GA 30068
Wilkens Deitz, Peggy, Ryan and Stacy 5 Stone Lane Macon GA 31210
Byrd Jeff and Linda 480 Vail Drive Dunwoody GA 30338
Harrelson Major and Anne 85 Craig Alpharetta GA 30202
Burwell Robert and Elsa 58 Tree Drive Dunwoody GA 30338
Bauer Richard and Ann 322 Land Drive Doraville GA 30340
Anderson Max and Sandra 780 Wooly Drive Atlanta GA 30360
Davis Joey and Donna 26 View Circle Waleska GA 30183
Davidson Bubba and Elizabeth PO Box 5 Camden AL 36726
Gomez Lisa 9 Moss San Antonio TX 78250
Young Carl and Loma 271 Fence Road Durham NC 27705
Edwards Dean and Pam 433 Village Court Dunwoody GA 30338
Easton Jim, Cathy, Caroline, Guy, Max and Dillon 71 Ridge Way Colorado Springs CO 80542
Eisler John and Kim 94 Spruce Street Woodland Park CO 80863
Dye Alexander and Lynette 80 Flint Drive Colorado Springs CO 80918
Crippen Pauline 255 Tail Drive Colorado Springs CO 80916
Hermann Joyce 241 Pecan Ave. Colorado Springs CO 80909
Gregg Lori and Mark 240 Pat Way Colorado Springs CO 80909
Foster Chris and Martie 28 Shane Place Monument CO 80132
Thomas Curtis and Janice 15 Lindsey Street Castle Rock CO 80104
Vance Adam, Carrie and Dan 117 North 9th Street Indianola IA 50125
Nolte Kristi 60955 North Evans Pueblo CO 81004
Payne Ken and Barbie 44 Castle Road Colorado Springs CO 80917
Morris Daniel and Sara 555 Eldora Drive Colorado Springs CO 80918
Noble Leon and Olive 899 Beasley Drive Pueblo CO 81005
Meek Richard, Mary, Patrick and Lauren 158 Park Drive Moorpark CA 93021
Nelson Angelina 172 Harvard Street Pueblo CO 81004
Perry Frank 121 La Huerta Pueblo CO 81005
Starr Mike, Sabina, Leo and Alex 41 Tusks Drive Amarillo TX 79109
Reeser Jason, Heather and Braedyn 16 Alpine Drive Rifle CO 81650
Ryan Mary 23 Normal Street Pueblo CO 81005
Page 2 (this data must be entered into your Excel spreadsheet)

Jenkins Will and Josephine 280 Rose Lane Pueblo CO 81005
Garcia Harry and Becky 510 Wood Lane Alexandria VA 22311
Snow Bill and Dee 32 Farm Road Pueblo CO 81006
Sommer Irene 103 River Cir. Bayamon PR 954
Jordan Roberto 3 Corona Blvd Pueblo CO 81004
Gunderson Pedro, Jaime and Maria 415 Sand Drive Colorado Springs CO 80911
Smithson Bobby 60 Autumn Circle Colorado Springs CO 80919
Martinez Michael and Deb 118 Cedar Drive Pueblo CO 81005
Hopkins Sasha 18 Crest Drive Pueblo CO 81005
Crawford Jim and Linda 63 West 96th Pueblo CO 81005
Yoder Pete and Beta 29 Avenue Y Alpine TX 79830
Hunt Judy and Sally 6 Mountain Street Alpine TX 79830
Carlson George and Norma 215 North Wood Pueblo CO 81003
Mora Tim and Romie 82 East 7th Road Pueblo CO 81001
Dean Missy 20 Fuller Road Euless TX 76039


Download the Excel workbook.

After you open both documents, perform the following steps:

Review the data entered on Sheet1 of classmates.xls.
Create meaningful headings for your data on Sheet1.
Rename Sheet1 to Classmates and change the color of the tab.
Delete any sheets not being used.
In cell A1, enter your name.
In cell A2, enter the date.
Insert two blank rows between the date and the beginning of your data.
Enter the data from page 2 of guest.doc directly below the existing data on your newly named sheet.
Format the data on the Classmates sheet.
Use borders to clearly define your table.
Use patterns (background colors) to differentiate between your headings and data.
Change the font and font color of your headings to make them more visible.
Center your headings.
Increase the width of each column so that no data is hidden (ensure that columns are not too wide).
Using Save As, save this workbook using the following naming convention: YourlastnameYourfirstnameIP1.xls.
Save a copy of this Excel workbook on your hard drive or removable storage device.

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