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Poll on a Web Page

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Please provide the code for the data storage file for the attached poll.
Helpful suggestions are below:

Create the database/Setup database tables
Identify a Primary Key
Store the questions results each time a response is submitted.
Use INSERT statements to populate the table
Issue SELECT SQL statement(s) that request all the possible answers for the poll.
Use a WHILE loop to extract info from the MySQL result set
Use the MySQL function COUNT() to count the number of records in the table
Display the number of votes the chosen answer received.

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I used 3 tables. 1 table to store the possible colors, 1 table to store the possible seasons, and another to store the votes. There are an additional two attributes in that table, the sex and the marital status.

I chose to store each vote that comes in. This way we have the maximum ...

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The expert provides the code for the data storage file for the attached poll. INSERT statements to populate the tables are determined.

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