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    Php Random Quote Generator

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    The PHP script should read quotes from a 'quotes.txt' data file and display one random quote on the web page each time the page is refreshed. The script should also display the author information formatted underneath the quote. It should also add the quotes submitted by user, to the same data file. The application could look something like as shown in the attachment quote.doc .

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    A sample implementation 257848.php is attached with this solution that has been tested on Linux via Apache webserver.

    Please ensure following when testing the script.
    - Rename the script as rqindex.php and place it in a directory where you can access it via your webserver. In case you want to rename it something else, make sure that you change all the ...

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    Php script does not do any error checking as it assumes fair input and usage. It has been tested on Linux+Apache combination.