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Questionnaire for collecting feedback for system improvement

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Design a form that you would disseminate to your end user community that would aid in the assessment of a current system to identify areas for improvement. The form must include:
1. Who is completing the questionnaire, including:
a. Job title
b. Date
2. What system is being evaluated
3. What process(es) are being evaluated
4. What behavioral characteristics or work activities of end-users are identified
5. Data quality checks might include:
a. Consistent definitions
b. Data Accuracy
c. Relevancy
d. Data timeliness
e. Error checking
f. Accreditation and licensing surveys.

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Solution Summary

This solution shows a starting point of designing a questionnaire form that would enable collecting and assessing information of a current system and how it can be improved. The form includes various questions a user is required to answer regarding the current system functionality.

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