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    Numerical Calculation of Saturated Vapour Pressure v Temperature

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    I have attached an assignment in computer (Matlab) code that I have written. The actual assignment is the file called Matlab. It's the last question called Q4.10. The directions on what is required to hand in is in the file called assignment. The Matlab script I have written is in the file called Q410.m (I also attached Q410.asv as I'm not sure if you need that to open the file). The file called Vapour_Pressure.dat has been downloaded and has data of measurement (this is described in the first part of the question and is used in the program). The file called results has the results that are required in the first part (this is produced by the program). The file LatentHeatVsTemperature.txt has the Latent heat and Temperature data obtained from Data Sheet (this is also used in the program). The file LinearRegressionOfLvsT.bmp contains the plotted data from which L0 was obtained (used in the last calculation). The jpg files contain the required graphs (these were produced by the program). The file called Short Account has the short account required by the last question of the assignment. Could you please check this assignment for errors or improvements or something in the program which may have been written in unnecessarily complicated way. Also please check what I wrote in the Short Account and if you think that something else is required in the Short Account, please change it or suggest what should be changed. Thank you.

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    Attached are a Matlab script with my recommendations how to organize the script in a transparent way easy to understand, and a Word 7 file with my suggestions on how to present a short account.

    I did not put lots of comments in the Matlab script as I believe in some balance between the need to ...

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    This solution provides a numerical calculation of saturated vapour pressure versus temperature.