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    developing a context data diagram

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    Looking for assistance in developing a context data diagram with a fully attributed data model for a systems analysis project.

    I'll need the primitive diagram as described in the project. See attached file for full problem description.

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    Summary of talk between John and Cindy
    • What is the production control form? It is the master form, which will guide for the book production process and initially filled out by the technicians (Debbie Scottie).
    • Why the begin and finish dates are same in some of the cases? Because some of the tasks takes only few minutes to complete so, in that case the begin and finish dates are same.
    • What is the number of pages? The total no of the pages in books and can be varies when the pages are edited.
    • Whether the no of the book by one author can be more than one? Yes there can be more one book for a particular author.
    • What is the royalty compensation form? This is the form, which is sent to the author, but the details are stored in the spreadsheet for the future referenced.

    Entity definition matrix

    Entity Definition
    Book It is the main entity and is being written by the Author and sold by the salesperson. The royalty of selling the book will be received by the Author (being assumed)
    Author Another main Entity, because without this entity the Book entity cannot exist.
    Salesperson Sales Person is the person, which will increase the sales of the book in going different area. The Sales person will get the commission on selling of the books.
    It is being assumed that if the sales person increases the sales of dead stock books, then he/she will get the commission of the 25 percent. In the case of the newly series book he will get the commission of the 20 percent and in other cases he/she will get the commission of the 15 percent.
    Technicians A technician is the Person, which will sign the production control form.
    Spreadsheet It is the sheet, which will hold the Royalty information for the particular book of particular author.
    Task The task name for book production process.

    Analyze of the form

    Sales Person Form
    This is the entry form for the sales person addition in the sales person database. The following general information is to be inputted by the user
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Address line1
    • Address Line2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Phone No
    • Work Phone
    • Email Address
    • Best time to Call back
    Some of the validation and Verification Checks should be applied before adding the information of the sales person in the sales database (it is being assumed)
    • The starting characters of the First name and Last name should not be numeric
    • All fields should contain ...

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    Ideas for developing a context data diagram are noted.