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Computer networking issues

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1. You are designing an application at work that transmits data record to another building within the same city. The data records are 500 bytes in length, and your application will send one record every 0.5 seconds. Is it more efficient to use a synchronous connection or an asynchronous connection? What speed transmission line is necessary to support either type of connection? Show all your work.

2.You are sitting at your desk at work, using your laptop computer. The boss calls an emergency meeting for you and several coworkers and asks everyone to bring his on her laptop computer. When you get to the meeting room, the boss wants to download an important file from his laptop to all the computers' laptops. List three possible media solutions that will support this download, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

3.You are the technology guru for an interstate trucking company. You need to maintain constant contact with your fleet of trucks. Which wireless technologies will enable you to do this?

4.Given that a sattelite signal travels at the speed of light, exactly how long does it take for a signal to go from the earth to a sattelite in geosynchronous orbit and back to earth? show the calculations

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1. Synchronous system is handled with a master clock with an accuracy of about 1 part in 10^9. . Bits on a synchronous system such as SONET line are sent out at extremely precise intervals, handled by the master clock. When cell switching was later proposed to be the basis of ATM, the fact that it permitted irregular cell arrivals got it labeled as Asynchronous Transfer Mode to contrast it to the synchronous operation of SONET. With SONET, the sender and receiver are tied to a common clock; with ATM, they are not.

In certain restricted circumstances (e.g., synchronous transmission and a receiving data link layer fully dedicated to processing the one input line), it ...

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Computer networking issues advantages and disadvantages are given.

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