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Network Management and Mobility

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Modern networks have to support a number of digital data protocols as well as digital audio protocols. The ability to stream both data and audio has led to the design and deployment of advanced applications. Analyze how advancements in Web , wireless, and mobility technologies are impacting organizations. Choose one specific advancement and describe why it is having the biggest impact. Support your answer.

I just need some brief comments on this: Choose one specific advancement and describe why it has the biggest impact. Support your answer.

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The impacts of network management and mobility is examined.

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While it is impossible to attribute recent advances in personal computing, Internet access and mobility to a single factor, if I were to choose one or two technologies that have proven to be technologically most disruptive, I might settle on the near-ubiquity of wireless networks combined with the advent of "cloud storage". The notion that one no longer needs to sit in front of a computer in order to retrieve personal documents or access information on the Internet may be looked back upon in the future as the first nail in the coffin of the 'box' model of personal computing. Granted, we are yet tied to the device, but increasingly that 'device' is what in the past been called a 'cell phone' (though if you are like me, the voice element of the cell phone is the least-used function) or a tablet. In addition we are witnessing the convergence in size between the 'cell ...

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