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    Write and manually assemble the following programs. All memory addresses include the starting and ending addresses. Show comments and identified source codes.

    1. Clear (place 0s) in all memory locations from 2000h to 200Ah.
    2. Make every odd bit in memory addresses C000h and D000h a 0. Do not change any other bit at each address.

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    PART 1
    Mem. Mnemonics comments
    1000 MOV CX,000A(h) ; put total number of memory locations in CX

    1002 MOV BX, 2000h ;put address of first memory location in BX

    1004 MOV AX, DS:[BX] ; put contents of memory location specified by
    BX inAX

    1005 AND AX,0000h ; logically AND contents of memory location with
    0000h i.e. clear memory location

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