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    Personal Information Storage on Cell Phones

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    Please help with the following software management problem. Provide a brief solution.

    A lot of personal information is getting stored on cell phones. People say you simply remove the memory chip, but the chip is usually a copy of the information stored on the phone. Moving the chip does not delete the old info. What is the best way to dispose of a cell phone without leaving your personal information out there for someone else to access? In this disposable society, cell phones are good for about 2 years and then you buy a new one. The old one usually ends up in the trash. Are they biodegradable?

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    Cell phones are not at all bio-degradable - so they should both be thrown away in soil in the hope that they will disintegrate with time. Besides, if they are put in trash bins, they end up in landfills, and cause ...

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    The following posting helps with a problem involving software development. This brief solution of 146 words discusses the best and safest method to dispose of a cell phone and your personal information.