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    Computer Storage

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    1. Suppose a machine has 20GB of storage space available on a hard disk and receives data over a telephone connection at the rate of 14,400 bps. At this rate, how long would it take to fill the available storage space?

    2. Suppose a picture is represented on a monitor screen by a rectangular array containing 1024 columns and 768 rows of pixels. If eight bits are required to code the color and intensity of each pixel, how many byte-size memory cells are required to hold the entire picture?

    3. How many cells can be in a computer's main memory if each cell's address can be represented by three hexadecimal digits?

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    1) Rate of reception = 14,400 bits/sec

    8 bits = 1 Byte, hence

    14400/8 = 1800 B / sec

    1800 B in ------ 1 Sec

    20 * 10^9 * 8 bits in ----? sec

    (20 * 10^9 * 8) / 1800 ...

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