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Interactive game that is combining sound with pictures.

I'm making a game where the user should combine the sound of a bird with the correct picture. In my webpage 20 different birds are represented. While pressing a button the game starts and a random birdsong will sound. Clicking the right bird will achieve 3 points and a little "pling"-sound will be heard. A new bird will sound and the game continues until all birds have been chosen.

Need help with:
- BIrdsound that user competes with should not open a giant window but the user should be able to pause it, rehear it and adjust the volume.
- After clicking the right bird a new random birdsong will sound but not the ones who already have been taken part of the game.
- The "pling"-sound (DingLing.wav) after chosen correct bird.
- Two (or more) players option. (I'm about to make a startpage where the user gets information about the game and selects one och two player, so I need the function.)
- First click generate 3 points. 2 points if the user choose the right bird at second try. 1 point at third try. If user click wrong bird four times a new birdsong will sound and game continues.

Maybe it's not right with a switch-case function. The web page should be written with HTML5 and javascript. I've zipped the files and I hope you can reach the enclosed files. In my soundfile I've excluded 15 birdsongs because of the size of the file, only the first 5 birdsongs of the array is included. If the zipped file isn't there the attached files are seperatly sent but with only two birdsongs.


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Hi Ola,

Please find below the answers to your queries:

1) I have attached a sample HTML file where i have used the audio tag to play the sound; here the controls to pause it, rehear it and adjust the volume will be available. You have used iFrame tag to play the sound;instead use audio tag to play the sound ...

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