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ID Construction and Password Checking Applications in Java

Write a Java application that prompts a user for a full name and street address and constructs an ID from the user's initials and numeric part of the address. For example, the user William Henry Harrison who lives at 34 elm would have an ID of WHH34.

Write another Java application that accepts a user's password from the keyboard. When the entered password is less than six characters, more than 10 characters, or does not contain at least one letter and one digit, prompt the user again. When the user's entry meets all password requirement, prompt the user to reenter the password, and do not let user continue until the second password matches the first one.

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Please find attached and that address the given requirements. Source code is well commented and easy to understand.

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Solution Summary does not limit user's full name to two words. implements a method validPassword that captures all the verification against the password requirements.