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Strategies for Avoiding Cyber Attacks

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As the following is one of the Core Defense Mechanisms: "Handling attackers to ensure that the application behaves appropriately when being directly targeted, taking suitable defensive and offensive measures to frustrate the attacker" Apps must handle and react to attacks in controlled way such as:

- Handling errors
- Maintaining audit logs
- Alerting administrators

Please explain these there actions to help defend against cyber attack.

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This solution elaborates on strategies to avoid cyber attack of an application or website. The strategies that are focused on are: handling errors, maintaining audit logs, alerting administrators.

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The Core Defense Mechanisms for Web applications are a series of defensive measures that web developers can use to allow applications to defend themselves from attack.

Handling errors: The application should be able to present the user with helpful information in the event of an error. For example, if the user is supposed to enter a dollar amount, and they enter letters, the application should provide them with an error message such as "Enter a dollar amount in integers only". However, error messages should not be so explicit that they give hackers a glimpse into the inner workings of the application and hence its weaknesses. For example, when a invalid user id or password is entered into a secured website, the error message should give a ...

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