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Creating Case Diagrams

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8:00: Alfred requests that Calvin promise to weld ten bodies for him that day. Calvin agrees to do so.

? 8:30: Alfred requests that Calvin accept the first body, Calvin agrees, and the first body arrives. Calvin starts welding it and promises Alfred to notify him when it is ready for the next body.

? 8:45: Brenda requests that Calvin work on a special-order car which is needed urgently. Calvin responds that it cannot right then. but that it will when it finishes the current job, at approximately 9:00.

? 9:05: Calvin completes welding Alfred's first car, ships it out, and offers to weld Brenda's car. Brenda ships it the car, and Calvin starts welding. ? 9:15: Alfred enquires why Calvin is not yet ready for his (Alfred's) next car. Calvin explains why, and also that it (Calvin) expects to be ready by about 10:00.

? 9:55: Calvin completes welding Brenda's car, and ships if out. Brenda requests that it reaccept it and do some painting, but Calvin refuses, explaining that it does not-know how to paint. Calvin then offers to weld another car for Alfred, and proceeds to weld Alfred's cars for a while.

? 12:15: Brenda requests that Calvin commit to welding four more special-order cars that day. Calvin replies that it cannot, since that conflicts with its commitment to Alfred, who still has six unwelded cars. Brenda requests Alfred to release Calvin from its commitment to Alfred. Alfred refuses. Brenda requests that Dashiel (remember Dashiel?) order Calvin.to accept her important request and revoke its commitment to Alfred. Dashiel orders Calvin to weld two of Brenda's cars, and then as many of Alfred's as time allows.

? 3:30: Calvin senses it is low on lubricant, and, without interrupting its work, asks Alfred for when the next lubrication is scheduled. Alfred responds that he doesn't know, but that Dashiel should know. Calvin asks Dashiel, who informs it that the next lubrication is scheduled for 4:00.
Since that is sufficiently soon, Calvin continues to weld.

Create a USE CASE Diagram, an Activity Diagram,and a Sequence Diagram based on the information above

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