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    WAN configuration

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    1.) My clients have two offices in different locations (A,B) A is the Main office B the branch (Both offices are several miles apart).The main requests are 1) Exchange server to be set in location (A) and can be access in (B) so user can use the same email domain and share calendar by Outlook.
    2) To have a sharing drive that all the user in locations (A) and (B) can view and edit it.
    Both locations have internet access.

    What are the required devices to establish network? Provide brief explanation with data flow diagrams.
    What is the easiest way to do this, do you need advanced routers (Cisco) & Switch or I can keep the normal DSL?
    Do you need two server in both A & B?
    Is there a way to make VPN between the two of them? If not what are the other options might we have?
    What kind of problems may we encounter while establishing this network? Please list them.

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    Good Morning. First you have to keep your goals in mind. The two goals lists is to have an Exchange server at location A that can also be accessed by location B for email and calendar sharing and to be able to share a drive that both users can access.

    With these 2 goals in mind you must determine your connect type as this will dictate the hardware that you will need. There are some unknowns based on your explanation, so we should error on the side of security and look at it from the most secure method. Whenever you have 2 locations that you are trying to connect you ...

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    The expert creates one network in two locations. The required devices to establish networks are given.