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security attack prevention

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The article chosen for this assignment is on the following link: http://www.crucialp.com/resources/tutorials/website-web-page-site-optimization/hacking-attacks-prevention.php

Title of the Article: Hacking Attacks - Prevention


The article on prevention of hacking attacks comprehensively describes the various methodologies that can be pursued to minimize the risk of security attacks on the IT infrastructure, network and systems of an organization. It describes the various threats faced by organizations and the remedies for those threats.


The article provides a comprehensive overview of the various types of threats encountered by IT staff in an organization and covers the major security practices that the organizations should pursue to mitigate risks arising due to such threats.

The article starts with the most basic strategy to minimize security attackes, ie, hardening the systems. In layman terms, the article points that ...

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Prepare a 2-3 page paper evaluating the article and information provided.

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