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    Visual C-Sharp program for an Ice Cream Shop

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    Create a Visual C-Sharp program for an Ice Cream Shop. The program will store data about ice cream cones and customers.

    Create a Cone class that includes a choice of ice cream or yogurt, the flavor, the number of scoops and type of cone. This class should also include static data members for the cost per scoop (.50), cost per ice cream cone (.75).

    Create a Customer class that includes last name, first name and CustomerID number. Store the Customer data to a file. You may not have data about the same customer in your file more than once.

    Create an Order class that includes a Customer object and an array of 10 Cone objects (the maximum number of ice cream cones a customer can order is 10).

    Display all order information and totals.

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    The program is a windows form-based application. When you start, you will see two tabs on the form. Use Take orders tab to take orders from customers. Use Manage customers tab to add customers or remove customers from Customers.txt file.

    1.Take orders: First select a customer from the ...

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