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E-Government Strategies

Devise a plan for the introduction of a revised e-government strategy, critically examining current policies from around the world. Pay particular attention to the cost-effectiveness of e-government strategies. Can the cost be justified by the benefits?

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With changes taking place in present digital world has also influenced public services and different countries government to make use of e-government strategy. Most of the countries government started using e-government strategy in 20s but with changes in present 21st century have directed them towards revising their e-government strategy (Affisco & Soliman, 2006) and similar is the case with CARICOM. Recently, CARICOM government revised its e-government strategy for the creation of e-government strategy for the 2010-2014. Here, the plan tutorial to introduce revised e-government strategy is discussed along with the consideration of cost-effectiveness of e-government strategy of CARICOM, and its approach as per policies used throughout the world.
Considering the creation of Revised E-government Strategy

The e-government strategy created was based on a critical analysis of the current policies around the world in concern to creating an e-government strategy. With an analysis of the policies being followed around the world, it was identified that the creation of an e-government strategy requires a collaborative process by the stakeholders of a region (Affisco & Soliman, 2006) as done in the case of CARICOM. The basic reason to integrate technology in different public service activities is to improve the quality of service throughout world, and it is also followed in the creation of this strategy.

Another key aspect being focused while revising e-government strategy was cost-effectiveness as done by different countries government also. The strategy was created by keeping in mind ...

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