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Differences between Computer Forensics and Normal Forensics

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What is the essential difference between computer forensics and "normal" forensics? Explain in brief.

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Computer Forensics is the science of obtaining, preserving, and documenting evidence from digital electronic storage devices such as PDAs, digital cameras, mobile phones, and various memory storage devices (Isfs.org, 2004). While traditional forensics deals with collection and preservation of physical evidence such as fingerprints, computer forensics deals with collection and preservation of digital evidence.

However, unlike traditional forensics however, the forensics of digital evidence requires specialized knowledge of computer technology both hardware and software), including various operating systems, file storage techniques, and file recovery techniques. This in my opinion is a significant difference between traditional and computer forensics.

There are many other differences between computer forensics and normal or traditional forensics. If we consider other basic differences in the origin as well as growth ...

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