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Decibel strength of signal, Required signal levels

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1. A signal starts at point x. As it travels to point y it loses 8 db. At point y the signal is boosted by 10 db. As the signal travels to point z it loses 7 db. What is the db strength of the signal at point z?

2. What is the decibel loss of a signal that starts at point A with a strength of 2000 watts and ends at point B with a strength of 400 watts?

3. If a telephone line can carry a signal with a baud rate of 6000 and we want to transmit data at 33600 bps, how many different signal levels will be necessary? Is this how 33600 bps modem operates?

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Baud signifies how many times a signal changes per second, however it does not restrict how many signal levels could possibly be there.

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1. Let us say that the decibel (db) strength of signal at point x is S. To compute the db strength of signal at point z, we can simply add the db losses and boost on the way.

So the db strength of signal at point z = db strength of signal at point x - db loss between points x and y + db signal boost at point y - db loss between points y and z
= S - 8 + 10 - 7
= S - 5

So, the db strength of signal at ...

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