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1. Create a class named Veterinarian. Include the doctor's name, address, and phone number. Create a class named Pet with the Pet's name, owner's name, age of Pet, breed of Pet, and veterinarian's name. Both classes contains set and display functions. Create a Pet class member function that displays the Pet's name, owner's name, and Veterinarian's name when the doctor's names within the Pet and Veterinarian's class are the same. The Veterinarian class should bestow friendship on this function. Write a main() function that contains a Veterinarian object and an array of 10 Pets, some of which use the Veterinarian object. Use the Pet class member function to display data about every Pet that is seen by the Veterinarian.


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I compile and run it on Linux RH 7.3 using g++. ...

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Create a class named Veterinarian