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Voiding Contract Case Study

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Dealing with Dogs

Ashley wanted to breed dogs. She had always loved animals. Now that she has graduated high school, Ashley thought she could become a breeder. According to her research, breeding would be profitable. Ashley already owned a female German shepherd, so she wanted to purchase a male one. Ashley responded to an Internet advertisement to purchase purebred dogs. The seller assured her that she had the perfect male German shepherd. Ashley paid $2,500 for the dog. Nine months passed, and Ashley's dogs failed to produce a litter of puppies. When Ashley took the male dog to the veterinarian, she said that the dog had been neutered. Ashley contacted the seller to return the dog. Ashley told her she revoked her acceptance of the male dog. The seller said it was too late for Ashley to do that. What rights does Ashley have?

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This depends on what the advertisement or the seller told Ashley about the dog. If the advertisement or seller never mentioned the fact that the dog was neutered or if they said that the dog was not neutered, then Ashley may be able to rescind her contract based on misrepresentation that the dog was able to produce puppies. Ashley will have an easier time with this ...

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