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    Hypothesis testing: Red Blood Cells, Glucose

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    For problems 1-2 please provide the following information.
    a) What is the level of significance? State the null and alternate hypothesis. Will you use left-tailed or right tailed test?

    b) What sampling distribution will you use? Explain your rational for your choice of sampling distribution. What is the value of the sample test statistic?

    c) Find ( or estimate) the P- value.

    d) Based on your answers in parts a & c, wil you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Are the data statistically significant level a?

    e) State your conclusion in the context of the application.

    1)Medical Red Blood Cell Volume. Total blood volume (in ml) per body weight (in kg) is important in medical research. For healthy adults, the red blood cell volume mean is about = 28ml/kg. (Reference: Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests F. Fischbach). Red Blood cell volume that is too low or too high can indicate a medical problem (see reference. Suppose Roger has had seven blood tests and the red blood cell volumes were

    32 25 41 35 30 37 29

    The mean is xbar 32.7 ml/kg. Let x be a random variable that represents Roger's red blood cell volume. Assume that x has a normal distribution and that = 4.75. Do the data indicate that Rogers red blood cell volume is different (either way) from = 28 ml/kg? Use a 0.01 level of significance.

    2) Glucose level: Horses Gentle Ben is a Morgan horse at a Colorado dude ranch. Over the past 8 weeks, a veterinarian took the following glucose readings from this horse (in mg/100 ml.)
    93 88 82 105 99 110 84 89

    The sample mean xbar 93.8. Let x be a random variable representing glucose readings readings taken from Gentle Ben. We may assume that the x has a normal distribution, and we know from the past experience that
    = 12.5. The mean glucose level for horses should be = 85mg / 100ml (Reference Merck Veterinary Manual). Do these data indicate that the Gentle Ben has an overall average glucose level higher than 85? Use the = 0.05.

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