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Functions and Structures

See the attached file.

Need some help with a practice problem:

Using the supplied code, make the following modifications:

a) Place the account record into an appropriate structure, and store the accounts in an array of structures.

b) Use a function to do the account lookup. The function must use the following signature:

int acntLookup (const int acntNum); /* input = account number; output = index of account */
/* hint: what if it's not there? */

c) Add the following transaction types to the code and test data:

CH charge card transaction
FE bank fee
TR transfer (note: can be + or -)

d) Add additional functions as appropriate. There are several possibilities.


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Please find attached file with the code. Rename file as you need. Added structure to hold account information - Account and an array Accounts that holds Account structures.

Not sure what this code means:

if (tranType == 0) tranType = (acctAmt<0)?-1:1; ...

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