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    HTTP Multiple Choice Questions

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    1. The enterprise model represents
    �� transactions for an enterprise.
    �� the current state of the enterprise.
    �� all enterprise processes.
    �� the interaction between client and server.

    2. The HyperText Transfer Protocol is
    �� a data link protocol.
    �� a stateless protocol.
    �� based on TCP port number 60.
    �� all of the above.

    3. If we could examine the bits transmitted over a network that are sent using a TCP/IP socket, we
    would find
    �� the data link protocol.
    �� the internet protocol.
    �� the transmission control protocol.
    �� all of the above.
    �� none of the above.

    4. A network consisting of multiple computers connected to a switch would have a
    �� star toplogy.
    �� ring topology.
    �� bus topology.
    �� mesh topology.
    �� none of the above.

    5. The Internet Protocol
    �� provides handshaking to provide error control.
    �� connects to a port corresponding to a program.
    �� uses network hardware addresses in the packet.
    �� all of the above.
    �� none of the above.

    6. The carrier sense multiple access with collision detection protocol used for Ethernet
    �� will retransmit a frame if a collision is detected during transmission.
    �� has no limit to the number of retransmissions.
    �� requires nodes to notify each other if they want to transmit.
    �� all of the above.
    �� none of the above.

    7. The TCP protocol uses the acknowledgement number to
    �� encrypt the data.
    �� track the number of bytes transmitted.
    �� control the window size.
    �� none of the above.

    8. The TCP port number used in the TCP protocol corresponds to
    �� internet addresses.
    �� hardware addresses.
    �� protocols used by programs to transmit data.
    �� physical connections.

    9. The structure of the internet address is defined by the
    �� first byte of the address.
    �� second byte of the address.
    �� data link layer.
    �� network connection.

    10. For each client connecting to a server using sockets,
    �� the server must accept a connection before the client can communicate.
    �� the client can only try to establish a connection once.
    �� clients can request data but cannot write to the server.
    �� none of the above.

    11. In JAVA, for a class called Animals, a subclass called Birds would be defined by

    a. public class Birds subclass of Animals{
    float wingSpan;// wing span in meters
    public float get_wingSpan() {

    b. public class Birds extends Animals{
    float wingSpan;// wing span in meters
    public float get_wingSpan() {

    c. public class Birds extension of Animals{
    float wingSpan;// wing span in meters
    public float get_wingSpan() {
    d. none of the above.

    12. A thread in a JAVA program
    �� allows only one connection to a TCP/IP port.
    �� can be used to make multiple functions to run independent of each other.
    �� is used to define the type of ADO connection for a server.
    �� prevent multiple IP address conflict.

    13.. The Data Definition Language is used to
    �� specify the structure of a database.
    �� define the data types in a database.
    �� modify the current database structure.
    �� none of the above
    �� all of the above

    14. In a relational database,
    �� each row must be unique.
    �� a table must appear in sorted order.
    �� only one foreign key is allowed.
    �� all of the above


    16. When a method in JAVA throws an exception,
    �� the program must stop.
    �� the method must be enclosed in a try structure.
    �� the method must be in a thread.
    �� the method must be in the main class.

    17. The Ethernet frames for two nodes have collided twice on the network for each node. The next
    possible number of slot times delayed at each node could be,
    �� 0.
    �� 1.
    �� 2.
    �� 3.
    �� all of the above

    18. The CRC portion of the Ethernet frame is used to
    �� provide error checking.
    �� store the hardware address.
    �� encrypt data.
    �� sequence frames.
    �� none of the above

    19. By writing messages to a ServerSocket in JAVA,
    �� a server can communicate with a client.
    �� respond to client requests for a connection.
    �� drop clients.
    �� none of the above

    20. When a router selects a physical connection to send a packet to a destination it uses,
    �� the hardware address of the destination.
    �� the IP address of the destination.
    �� the tender address of the destination.
    �� the CRC number of the destination.

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