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Effectively deal with multiple choice on an exam

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I am a student of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and have been trying to complete my exams. The syllabus changed this year and for the Law and Ethics exam, this has to be completed on a computer and the questions are multiple choice.

There are a couple of problems with this that I do not feel multiple choice to be a good way of testing your ability with questions and secondly, the pass mark is 40 correct questions out of 60 of each exam.

The exam is broken in to 2. 1 hour for the professional ethics exam then 1 hour for the Law exam (I answer in Scots Law). Both exams ask for a pass mark of 40 out of 60.

I have sat this exam twice and would require advice on how to tackle multiple choice questions and there are no books allowed in the exam.

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The solution determines how to effectively deal with multiple choice on an exam. Questions which are not suitable for multiple choice are determined.

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What I understand from reading your question, is that you are asking for general information regarding how to tackle multiple choice questions. In general, my advice would be to take your time to ensure that you properly read the question that is being asked. Before even looking at the answer options that are available, I would advise that you try to have an answer in mind. By not first looking at the multiple options, you will avoid getting swayed or confused by the various choices.

Also, if you already have an answer in mind, and when you actually look at the choices, that your initial thought is amongst the choices, then you can quickly answer the question and ignore all of the other options available. If you read the question and are not sure of what the answer might be, I would carefully read each option one at a time. It would help to have a spare piece of paper handy to cover up all of the other potential answers. If a piece of paper is not handy, then I would just use your hand. If the first option does not appear correct, then I would methodically move to the next choice, and so on.

Further to my response, I have done some research for you and have found ...

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