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MS Projects: Project plan, gantt chart

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Complete the Project Team Organization of their project plans. Subsections include: team structure. Microsoft Project must be used to: show detailed tasks, show dependencies, assignment of tasks, create Gantt chart, etc. The project schedule (timeline) Gantt chart and task network should be embedded within the .doc file. If screen shots of the task network are not feasible, the student may attach the actual Project file for the task network. All other parts of the project plan must be in a .doc format.

Your deliverable should be in the following format:

3.0 Project Schedule
This section presents an overview of project tasks and the output of a project scheduling tool.
~3.1 Project task list
The tasks that have been selected for the project are presented in this section.

3.2 Task network
Project tasks and their dependencies are noted in this diagrammatic form.

~3.3 Timeline chart
A project timeline chart (Gantt using Project) is presented. Please embed the Gantt chart in the document as this is the way end-users would see it.

4.0 Staff Organization
The manner in which staff are organized and the mechanisms for reporting are noted.

~4.1 Team structure
The team structure for the project is identified. Roles are defined. Include an organization chart.

~4.2 Management reporting and communication
Mechanisms for progress reporting and inter/intra team communication are identified

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