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    Government regulation on internet rights

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    Does the Internet require governance? Do you agree that a monolithic body of Internet governance is necessary or desirable? Justify your answers.

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    Government regulation on the internet is hot topic these days. There are arguments on both sides.

    If we regulate the internet through government, then who is charge of the decisions? Are the experts in education, ethics, computer science, library science? And where does this governing body stem from? Should it be central Europe, Asia, or the Americas? Wherever it is that region will have a vested interest in information sharing. How and why would information be restricted? Should unproven theories be avoided from having any space in the web, like phrenology, astrology? Keplers elliptical theory was disproved ...

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    Standardization of the internet poses questions as to who owns what who has what privileges when it comes to internet security. This article briefly speaks about the historical significance of electronic information sharing, dating back to railroads and the use of telegraphs, and whether or not government regulation is necessary and or desirable.