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    Application: Microskills Il

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    Q1) briefly describe specific instances from the video program in which each of the following micro skills were effectively demonstrated: paraphrasing, active listening, reframing, and reflection.

    Q2) in your description of each instance, explain how the therapist effectively demonstrated the micro skill. Provide specific examples from the video program to illustrate your explanation.

    Please support the Application with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. And provide a reference list for all resources, thank you.

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    Robyn and Aaron (Family intervention)

    Paraphrasing- The therapist used this in the introduction in telling them how they were informed about systems therapy, confidentiality issues and how their therapy will work.

    Active listening- The therapist used this answering each of the parents questions about systems therapy and their problem. The therapist used this when asking if the father was surprised to see how the mother and daughter would drink together when he wanted NO alcohol in the house. The mother wanted to give their daughter the experience so that the daughter could make her own mind up on the idea of college drinking when she got to college.

    Re-framing- The therapist used this when the scene ...