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    Solubility Product Constant

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    A saturated solution of silver chloride, AgCl contains 1.92 mg of AgCl per liter of solution. What is the value of the solubility product constant Ksp for silver chloride?

    I know that soluability for AgCl at 25 degrees celcius ksp = 1.8 x 10 -10, however I am not sure if I would even need to incorporate this into the equation, and this data was not a given with the original problem.

    At this point, I set the problem up like this:

    AgCl<> Ag Cl

    From this point I am not sure what direction to take.

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    This is a question where you have to relate chemical words in a mathematical process.

    You know the answer(1.8 x10 -10), probably from another question, but try and pretend you don't when you work this type of question.

    The question just gives you the solubility of AgCl in water in mg/ L, and this must be converted into moles/ L. To do that ...

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